Are you looking for a job? 5 tips to make your CV stand out in the selection process

According to INEIBetween May and July, more than 371,000 Limeños were actively seeking employment. Therefore, to get a job, it is essential to have a resume that correctly reflects the work experience and skills of the applicant. This will allow you to make a good impression and stand out from other candidates.

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“The objective of sending a CV is not to get a job overnight, but to get the company interested in the applicant. Improving our resume can help us considerably increase the chances of getting a job interview”points Giancarlo Ameghino, Manager of Management and Human Development of the Crosland Group.

The specialist also provides five recommendations to enhance your CV and move on to a second stage in the selection process:

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1. Include the objectives that you would like to achieve in the company. Below your contact information —which must be up to date—, you should not only put a summary of your profile and skills, you can also consider adding what role you would like to develop in the company. Thus, the recruiter will be able to quickly identify if you fit the position they are looking for.

2. Adapt the content according to the position you are applying for. Aligning our experience and skills with the functions of the position will be very helpful. “Use adjectives similar to the job advertisement to gain notoriety; for example, if the employer gives priority to someone with leadership skills, we must emphasize that in our CV”indicates Ameghino.

3. Quantify the results you have obtained in previous jobs. A recruiter will look for concrete evidence of your accomplishments. To do this, you must demonstrate in which situations you put your skills to the test. “Put the goals achieved, with data and figures, to show the impact of your work on the productivity of the organization”, it states.

4. Be the protagonist. Write your resume in the first person, using verbs and expressions that help demonstrate your level of commitment and teamwork. “However, you should not take credit for other people or speak ill of former colleagues, since, for this reason, many candidates are usually ruled out”assures the Crosland Group expert.

5. Choose a suitable design.The font used must be clear and legible. In addition, the document must be in an accessible format, preferably in PDF, so that there is no possibility of the information being manipulated.


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