Are you looking for new wines?: check these 5 labels that are worth trying

If you are looking for new things on the supermarket shelves or on the shelves of wine bars, we leave you these latest releases that do not fail

By Juan Diego Wasilevsky

09/23/2022 – 9:12 p.m.

For those restless palates, who are looking for new wine brands and even new wineriesthere is good news: the launches do not stop.

In this production, five labels of different styles and prices, with prices starting at $900.

Malbecino Enlarged Malbec | Salas Family Winery | Price: $940

At Vinos & Bodegas we have already told the story: the Salas family did not come from the wine industry, but rather had a medicine distributor. However, after investing in a farm in the Maipú area of ​​Mendoza, in 2018 they made the big bet and started building their own winery, where they currently produce 35,000 bottles of organic wine a year. The winery now has the line “Malbecino Organic Wines”, which seeks to show the various faces of Malbec through four labels: blanc de noir, rosé, reserve and this young Malbec that delivers a lot of fruit, which speaks of the good maturity achieved in that part of Mendoza. They are accompanied by very subtle spicy and herbal touches. On the palate it is juicy, medium bodied and with sweet tannins, cut by a nice acidity. It leaves a long memory of fruits and something more of those spices perceived at the beginning.

Palo Santo Cabernet Franc 2021 | Urqo Winery | Suggested price: $1,800

We tell you about it in Wines & Wineries: the Urquía family, which is a benchmark in the business of exporting and marketing oils and grains, set foot in the wine industry some time ago. Specifically, 15 years ago they bought the first farms, located in the Uco Valley; while in 2016 they built the cellar with storage capacity of 3 million liters and state-of-the-art technology. And after several vintages making bulk wines and producing for third parties, this 2022 marked a turning point: the family launched its first two own brand wines and officially presented the winery, baptized Urqo. We really liked this Cabernet Franc because it is an unpretentious wine, which does not play it “extreme”, like some other examples that come from Chacayes. His palette is pure, direct, subtle, with notes of red and black fruit; herbal touches, reminiscent of thyme and a very fresh note, balsamic type. On the palate it is longer than wide, with tannins that offer a subtle texture. But what characterizes it most is its friendly freshness. As that buzzword puts it: it’s a “thirsty red.”

El Chiquero Blend of Margaritas at Los Chanchos 2019 | Tajungapul Winery | Price: $2,400

What happens when a sommelier and a great winemaker get together? A project like this is born, which breaks a little with the schemes. That was proposed Leo Dal Masso and the winemaker Juan Ubaldini and this striking label sums up that quasi-chaotic spirit very well. To begin with, it is a very complex puzzle of different Uco varieties and terroirs: it combines 25% Malbec from Campo de Los Andes, 25% Malbec from Altamira, 40% Cabernet Sauvignon from La Consulta and 10% Cabernet Franc of Altamira. The result is a wine that shows layers, with hints of red and black fruit, floral traces, many spices and a slight touch of smoke. On the palate it shines with a tasty step and good grip tannins. Without feeling too structured, it shows character and fills the palate, closing with a very fresh finish. A rich pigpen.

Don Nicanor Organic Malbec 2020 | Nieto Senetiner Winery | Price: $2,530

This wine combines certified organic grapes from two very different areas: Los Chacayes, in Valle de Uco, and Agrelo, in Luján de Cuyo. “At Nieto Senetiner we are committed to making quality wines that express the varietal and its origin. In addition, we are very respectful of our ecosystem and products. Don Nicanor Malbec Orgánico 2020 joins our line to offer a certified organic product and be able to continue offering diversity of options and accompany this trend”, says the winemaker Santiago Mayorga. What does this Malbec propose? First, a lot aromatic purity; the notes of red fruits and flowers are very clearly perceived, along with spicy and herbal traces, rounding off a fresh palette. On the palate it is fluid, with ripe tannins, sweet pulse, well polished. Juicy, rich and fresh wine, for universal palates.

Santa Julia The Selection 2022 | Santa Julia Winery | Price: $910

The winery set out to illuminate a wine with an aesthetic and a name that is well in line with the World Cup climate that is beginning to be experienced. To do this, beyond design, he opted for a blend that rarely failsPairing: Malbec, emblem variety of Argentina and a classic of classics such as Cabernet Sauvignon. The result is a wine that surprises with its subtlety and freshness. Far from being powerful, this blend delivers a palette that adds soft notes of red fruits, flowers and fresh spicy traces. On the palate it exhibits a medium body, with a not very long development but with an acidity that remains for a long time. Super drinkable and versatile, ideal to accompany anything from snacks to pizzas.

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