Argentina: Kirchner believes that his trial has created a "climate" conducive to the attack on it

In a remote deposition, given from her office as President of the Senate, Ms. Kirchner estimated at the hearing that until the attack, she thought that this trial was made for the “stigmatize“, she and her Peronist political movement, and the “banishof political life.

But after the September 1 bombing attempt, she says she has “realized there could be something else“.”Since the judicial sphere is transmitted as a social green light so that everyone can think and do anything“, she felt. “It’s called creating a climate (…) I feel in a state of vulnerability, worried“.

On the attempted attack itself, Ms. Kirchner leaves the suspicion of a conspiracy larger than the only “small band of material authors“, in reference to the four young people remanded in custody at this stage.

No one can think this gang thought and planned what they did“, estimated the former head of state (2007-2015) and leader of the Argentinian Peronist left, without however explicitly accusing a group or a political figure.

Four people, including the attacker who pointed his gun less than a meter from Ms. Kirchner, are being held. Only the 35-year-old assailant and his 23-year-old companion have at this stage been officially charged with attempted aggravated homicide.

The investigation, in particular the telephone analyses, has so far depicted rather precarious suspects, a little lost, with an uncertain degree of politicization, but who for two of them openly hated Ms. Kirchner.

The political reactions to the attempted attack reflected the current strong polarization in Argentina.

While the government camp (center-left) wonders about the existence of “financial“or of”intellectuals“having supported or inspired the four young defendants, the opposition, like ex-president Mauricio Macri (right), saw it”the work of a small group of crazy people and without political orchestration“.

On the merits of the trial, Ms. Kirchner, tried with 12 co-defendants, once again proclaimed her innocence in this case relating to the awarding of public contracts in the province of Santa Cruz (south), her political stronghold.

Twelve years in prison and ineligibility for life were requested against her by the prosecution, which she again denounced on Friday the “dereliction of duty“, in this trial according to her “full of lies, slander and defamation“.

The judgment is only expected towards the end of the year.

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