Argument of the defense of Cristina Kirchner: The accusation is "struck down"

Monday, September 19, 2022 | 4:30 p.m.

The defense of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner maintained that the accusation against the Vice President in the Vialidad case has been “fulfilled” after the declaration of “more than one hundred witnesses, experts, accountants, engineers” in almost three years of oral proceedings. “All of this determined that the accusation was struck down,” said lawyer Carlos Beraldi during his argument before the Federal Oral Court 2. Beraldi began with a statement in which he remarked that “it was proven” that the accusation is “false and unfounded.” .

“We never lowered our arms,” ​​remarked Beraldi, stressing that “the truth always triumphs and that is what happened in this trial” because “it was shown” that the accusation “lacked credence” and was “false and fundamentals”. This was stated when he began to expose his final argument, after 8 this Monday, virtually, before judges Jorge Gorini, Andrés Basso and Rodrigo Giménez Uriburu. Later. The lawyer maintained that the prosecution incurred in “malpractice” by trying to sustain a “fantasy” linked to the fact that in Kirchnerism “a Budget was made so that Lázaro Báez wins.”

For her part, Vice President Cristina Fernández used her social networks to express herself on the subject. There he stated, “you saw what I told you yesterday, right? That Beraldi was going to strip Luciani and Mola’s script. I correct myself, he went much further: he proved in a documented way – as should be done in any trial – that Luciani and Mola lied blatantly. He, out of professional decorum, called it malpractice.” Tuesday will be the second day of arguments for this party.

Beraldi began his presentation with an introduction in which he stressed that “since the beginning of this process and as happened with the rest of the cases that were formed, the decision of Dr. Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and our professional advice has always was that we had to present ourselves in all the files”.

The objective was “to demonstrate with all the legal instruments that exist that the charges were false and to await the moment when the evidence collected in a trial would demonstrate exactly what we have affirmed,” he added.

“In this task, which was very arduous, began six years ago, we did not lower our arms at any time,” even “when we had to put up with, not consent to, put up with different unusual arbitrariness that have no precedent in our country, nor do I think in the world”, underlined Beraldi.
As an example, the lawyer pointed out that the Vice President was summoned “on the same day to give eight preliminary statements”, alluding to a decision made at the time by the late federal judge Claudio Bonadio.

He also mentioned an occasion in which he, as a defense attorney, was removed from a search by “direct order of the magistrate” and, with that, “all the guarantees that directly relate to the inviolability of the home and the right to defense” were violated.

But the Vice President’s defender also warned that “the irregularities were not only directed at Dr. Cristina Fernández de Kirchner or this defense, but, even exceeding all limits, they were directed towards her family, specifically towards her daughter who, As we all know, she never carried out any political activity, but that was not an obstacle for her to be stigmatized, to attack her and to break her health,” she emphasized.

Implausible accusations

“We never lower our arms because we know, everyone knows, that the truth always triumphs and that is what happened in this trial,” Beraldi asserted and reiterated that, after almost three years of oral debate, “it was proven” that the accusations “they lacked credibility”, despite which during nine days of arguments the prosecution “repeated the same accusations” and acted “as if the trial had not existed”

“We hear unusual things that are later repeated in the media, such as the proof that the prosecution has is overwhelming and is related to the weight to which a tonnage of three tons is awarded,” he asserted.

On the first day of his argument, he recalled the statements as a witness, among others, of President Alberto Fernández when it came to demonstrating that the allocation of items for public works is the power of the National Congress through the Budget.

Beraldi remarked that his professional career began long before assuming the defense of the Vice President: “Never in my life have I heard such nonsense, from which it is difficult to come back,” he said.

Beraldi and his colleague Ary Llernovoy developed a technical defense based on the review since 2008 of the complaints filed against the Vice President and, in addition, stressed that the facts that are aired in this trial were already tried in Santa Cruz because they correspond to that jurisdiction.

In the case, alleged crimes are judged with the national public works in Santa Cruz between 2003 and 2015, such as adjudications directed in 80 percent to companies of the also accused Lázaro Báez, alleged overpricing and lack of controls.

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