Arma Reforger is available now as an Xbox console exclusive!

As expected, Arma Reforger was made official tonight. While some players have been waiting to learn more about Arma 4, the next iteration of the series has shown itself through a gameplay trailer.

An experience to build the future of the series

The new studio title is like a gateway into the license, but will also help shape the future thanks to player feedback. Arma Reforger wants to be fun and rewarding in a sandbox that presents itself as a creative platform with many tools and services to modify and adjust your experience.

This first trailer allows us to enjoy the visuals offered by the Enfusion Engine, Bohemia Interactive’s brand new engine. We thus discover realistic confrontations in a context of the Cold War in 1989. Whether on foot or in a vehicle, the confrontations promise to be intense.

For the first time, Arma is available on consoles, but temporarily exclusive on Xbox Series X|S. Thus, the developers have endeavored to find solutions to adapt the gameplay to the controller, which represented a big challenge for the developers.

The world of Arma Reforger

The weather and the day/night cycle are included in order to be fully immersed in high-intensity military operations. Of course, this feature seems obvious in a game that wants to be realistic, which is why the developers explain that Arma Reforger is full of details.

The game is set in Everon, the war-ravaged microstate where the game that started it all: Arma: Cold War Assault was set. We can thus rediscover places of Operation Flashpoint through a gigantic open world.

Cross-platform multiplayer and mods on Xbox!

Arma Reforger will consist of two distinct game modes, namely Conflict and Game Master.


Engage in multiplayer realistic Cold War combat as an American or Soviet soldier. Take strategic positions, dominate the battlefield and cooperate to secure objectives in a dynamic and unforgiving environment. With its carefully modeled arsenal of period weapons and vehicles, Arma Reforger’s multiplayer mode immerses you in the war.

Game Master

Control events, create unique missions and lead players to victory in Game Master mode. Or do you prefer to take on the challenges of all-powerful creators and face a dynamic sandbox where anything can happen?

The icing on the cake, Arma Reforger is cross-platform and is deployed simultaneously on Xbox Series X|S and PC. Thus the mods are accessible to everyone thanks to the shared content management tool: the Workshop.

It is possible thanks to mods to add mechanics, elements, textures etc… Suffice to say that the experience promises to be infinite.

The game is available now on PC in early access via Steam, but also exclusively console on Xbox Series X|S via the Game Preview program. You can buy it for $29.99 or try it out with a free trial. While waiting to download its 8.9 GB, we leave you with a small teaser of Arma 4.

Download Arma Reforge

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