Arrested for reducing stolen cars received a conviction for smuggling

Thursday, October 14, 2021 | 3: 00hs.

While he is being detained in the context of a case that is investigating him as an alleged member of an illicit association dedicated to selling stolen cars in Buenos Aires in Posadas, Orlando Ramón Bres (44) was notified of another judicial decision against him: he was convicted of a Cigarette smuggling act committed in May last year in Posadas.
The ruling was signed on Tuesday by the Posadas Federal Court and establishes two years and six months in prison for Bres for the crime of attempted import smuggling as an author.
This sentence was reached, in the same way, after the defendant admitted his responsibility in the fact and availed himself of an abbreviated trial in agreement with his defense and the prosecutor Vivian Barbosa.
According to what is stated in the sentence, the fact for which Bres was convicted was recorded on May 14 of last year, when members of the Argentine Naval Prefecture (PNA) carried out land patrols in Garupá until they detected that through the thermal visor they a suspicious vessel that was heading towards the Argentine coast at kilometer 1,592 of the Paraná River, an area located next to the road known as South Access.
The PNA patrol then went to that place, which upon arrival found a Chevrolet Celta car parked near the river and a man with wet clothes up to his waist.
The next step was to rake the area and about 15 meters they found four packages on some stones containing a total of 300 cartons of cigarettes of Paraguayan origin.
Notified of everything that happened, the Federal Court of Posadas ordered the seizure of the cargo (valued at that time at almost 400,000 pesos) and the car, as well as the arrest of the person involved: Orlando Ramón Bres.
After that, the criminal case was initiated against Bres, accused of the crime of import smuggling as an author. After time he was released from prison, but the case continued to advance.
In this way, the culminating stage was reached, where the file was raised at the request of oral debate, but the defendant chose to admit his responsibility in the fact and avail himself of an abbreviated trial.

The case for the stolen cars began in August and Bres was the first detainee in that investigation.

The illicit association
Currently, Bres is in custody, but this time within the framework of a new investigation that has him as a suspect of being part of a gang dedicated to reducing cars that had been stolen in Buenos Aires in Posadas.
His arrest took place on August 11, after an investigation carried out by the personnel of the Complex Investigations Directorate of the Missions Police.
In that same operation, the Police seized three cars (a Chevrolet Tracker, a Peugeot 2008 and a Chevrolet Onix) that registered requests for kidnapping for robbery in Buenos Aires and whose numbers had been modified to be sold illegally, but what was also important was the kidnapping. from your cell phone.
It is that more clues emerged from that device that allowed us to give, one by one, with the rest of the alleged members of the band, including two policemen, who were the last to fall.
In total, there are six detainees in this case. The aforementioned Bres is joined by Brian DA (31), Mauricio S. (31), Cristian Z. (37) and the uniformed men identified as Hugo LR and Matías D.
Regarding the troops, it was learned that they are a sergeant who worked in the Radioelectric Command Division of Fatima and an auxiliary officer with current services in the Investigation Unit of Regional Unit I.
What is suspected -based on the elements collected- is that the uniformed men charged money to let those involved operate quietly. This “service”, it was detailed, included the notice of when the Police were going to carry out operations against these maneuvers.
In parallel to their arrests, both were immediately made available and removed from their duties by order of the Police Headquarters.

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