Arrested with 60 kilos of amphetamine in Eskilstuna – sentenced in a large drug bust

It’s about a very extensive drug case around there half a ton of amphetamine was manufactured in a villa outside Askersund in Närke.

According to the verdict that was handed down last week, a larger part of the drugs has since been resold. Among other things, around five kilos of amphetamine have been delivered to Trosa in Sörmland.

Different roles

The seven men who figure in the tangle have, according to the verdict, had different roles. Such as drug manufacturers and transporters.

The man who was stopped on Folkestaleden has primarily functioned as a transporter. He is sentenced to seven years in prison.

Sentenced in Nyköping district court

Another person in the tangle is described as something of an organizer who held the strings in the drug organization and, for example, handled digital currency.

That man, a 47-year-old native of Stockholm, was recently sentenced to eight years in prison in another highly publicized drug case in Nyköping district court.

The evidence against that man lay then as now in chat messages from the encrypted service Anom. A piece of evidence that the American federal police, the FBI, provided to the Swedish police and which formed the basis of the major international police operation Trojan Shield last summer.

Six and seven years in prison

The district court in Örebro now sentences the 47-year-old to six years in prison for particularly serious drug offences. In the judgment, it is stated that the crimes should actually generate more prison time, but as he has already been sentenced to a long prison sentence by the district court in Nyköping, the maximum sentence has already been reached.

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Chief councilor Marinette Gustafsson believes that the goal stands out well. Photo: SVT

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