Arrives "show club" with Pía Shaw, Martín Salwe, La Tía Sebi and Marcela Tauro

From Thursday, August 4 and from Monday to Friday, a new podcast arrives from the hand of Pia Shaw, together with Martín Salwe, Marcela Tauro and Tía Sebi where they will comment on the most important news in the world of entertainment.

Club Del Espectático, is the name of the cycle that can be heard daily from 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. live on YouTube or Facebook. The president of the club is Pía Shaw who, with her great charisma, leads her members and her panelists Tía Sebi and Martín Salwe.

Each of them brings their knowledge and their particular way of seeing the world of entertainment. The club also has Marcela Tauro, its honorary member and guest columnist every Thursday, who will summarize the week’s news.

Daily content:

3 TOP NEWS OF THE DAY: in this section each one will tell 1 piece of news, a review of what happened is made, debate is generated at the table, and comments from the networks are read.

THE SHORTS OF THE DAY: It will be composed of 6 secondary news of the show.

SHOW BILLBOARD: a review of the billboard of shows.

4th MEMBER: The audience will be invited to participate in the program with a video telling about a show they have been to see, if they have any gossip they want to tell us, photo or video they want to share. We want the audience to be the 4th member of the table and prizes will be awarded to those who participate.

It will also have weekly columns:

FILE GOSSIP: in this column he will talk about spicy gossip and romances from the past, about the life of figures in the media that had a boom and then disappeared.

BIZARRE MOMENTS OF THE SHOW: a review of the bizarre moments of television, radio and shows.

SUMMARY OF THE WEEK: a summary of the most important news of the week by Marcela Tauro.
GOSSIP 2.0: we tell you the gossip of the networks that revolutionized the week.
CELEBRITIES TO THE CORNER: Celebrity interview section on the show.

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