Arroyo Leyes sub-station: important raids clarified the case

On Monday morning, personnel from the Police Control Agency carried out several raids in the Villa Hipódromo neighborhood of the capital city to find the suspects in the seizure of the Arroyo Leyes Sub-Commissioner and positive results were obtained.

With the cooperation of the Special Operations Troops, Three people were arrested, including a minor.. In addition, narcotics were seized from one of the raided homes and therefore, the Federal Justice was given intervention in the matter.

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Regarding these arrests and the clarification of the resonant episode, the Minister of Security of the province, Ruben Rimoldi He stated: “We continue to deliver results. As I indicated days ago, in the face of a very serious event that undermines the institutional framework and that we had to resolve. Today we can say in the face of this ominous breach of the law, the Ministry of Security together with the Police of the Province has clarified the fact of Arroyo Leyes. The efficiency and effectiveness of our criminal intelligence units, of our investigators and of all the personnel, is reflected in concrete facts”.

In this sense, the minister added that “both the clarification of this fact, as well as the arrest of the perpetrators of the threat to the press days ago, They are clear signals for those who attempt against the institutions and break the law. Today we have the necessary capacities and organization, and now we are implementing a new phase of a broader strategy that we launched” concluded Rimoldi.

In his turn, the Chief of Police of the Province, Miguel Oliva, pointed out that the procedure this morning “obeys a very important job. Following the directives of Dr. Peresín, who is the intervening prosecutor, these raids were carried out, which allowed the arrest of a family directly involved in the event. Work continues and in relation to this, the participation of the death is also being seen, which from days ago, acted as a participant in this event and thus adds to a practically total clarification of the situation.

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