ARS do Norte owes millions of euros to nurses and assistants

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The Northern Regional Health Administration (ARS) owes more than 2.5 million euros in incentives to hundreds of nurses and clinical secretaries of family health units (USF) model B.

According to Newspapersince January these professionals have been receiving monthly only half of the incentives to which they are entitled for the performance of 2021. “It is foreseeable that the situation will be regularized by the end of the year”, the official source of ARS Norte told the newspaper.

According to the newspaper, all health regions disregard the deadlines set by law, although doctors are not affected by this delay.

The vice-president of the USF national association (USF-AN), Diogo Urjais, explained that, right at the beginning of the year, these professionals know whether or not they have fulfilled the objectives and the value of the monthly premium to which they are entitled.

In the case of nurses, if the objectives were fully achieved in the previous year, receive a monthly premium of 300 euros, which is added to base pay and other supplements. Clinical secretaries receive a maximum of €150 per month.

“Each USF has, on average, six nurses and each of them has to pay 150 euros (50%) times 11 months”, said the president of the USF-AN, André Biscaia. About 1.75 million euros are to be paid to nurses in the North alone. If you join the clinical secretaries, the debt rises to 2.53 million.

The law states that the performance assessment must be completed by March of the following year. During these months, while it is not finished, they receive 50% of the maximum value of the incentives and the reckoning will have to be done in Aprilthe month from which incentives must begin to be paid at 100%.

“ARS Lisboa e Vale do Tejo paid the reckoning for 2020 in January 2022”, said Diogo Urjais, and this year it regularized payments for 2021 in October. ARS Centro paid in June.

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