Arsenal add sign language interpreter during matches - Reuters

Arsenal add sign language interpreter during matches – Reuters

Arsenal have added pitchside British Sign Language interpreters to the matchday experience at the Emirates Stadium.

The club’s deaf fans now have a way to fully understand what is going on inside the stadium. The inclusion is a first for Premier League clubs.

Jon Dyster, the north London club’s disability access manager, recently discussed the decision with The Guardian. “We have a pitchside British Sign Language interpreter for all our content, pre-game and at half-time,” Dyster explained. “So for all the interviews that take place, we have someone explaining exactly what is going on for deaf supporters in the stadium and on the big screens. »

Arsenal fans love the addition inside the stadium

The integration of a useful tool that helps to include more fans in the matchday atmosphere is a welcome addition.

Long-time Arsenal supporter Christopher Clelland has explained how the move made him feel more like a part of the team. “I’m completely deaf, my first language is British Sign Language,” Clelland said. “I’ve been coming to Arsenal Stadium since it opened and I’ve enjoyed it. It’s my number one, I love Arsenal.

“But a few deaf fans felt left out and I was still missing information… but now I have full access. I can see it on screen, or on the field. So it makes me feel included, and it’s so positive and so happy. I feel like part of the team and the family.

Another fan, Max Parsons, shared his delight when he first noticed the sign language interpreter. “I was like, ‘Is this real?’ Said Parsons. “I was shocked, I was speechless. It really had a huge impact on me, I just couldn’t believe it. I thought, ‘Finally we are included.’

The interpreter translates English into BSL using facial expressions and heuristics, and it makes us feel more connected to the game because we know what’s going on. It makes us very happy.

The midfielder shows off his sign language skills for the squad video

Arsenal even released a video of Jorginho performing sign language to help promote the move.

The midfielder also showed off his sign language skills during his time at Chelsea. It remains to be seen how many other Premier League clubs will follow, but inclusion should always be a priority for stadium events.

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