Arsenal receives Aldosivi in ​​the match that opens the day on Monday

Argentine football advances in the search for its new champion
Argentine football advances in the search for its new champion

The Professional Soccer League is entering its final stretch. One of the great seasonings of Monday’s session is that both Boca Juniors What Atletico Tucumanboth with 35 points, will go out on the field in search of passing the line of Gymnastics of La Plata (36) waiting for his duel on Tuesday.


An entertaining direct duel for the table of averages will be played in Sarandí (@fotobairesarg)
An entertaining direct duel for the table of averages will be played in Sarandí (@fotobairesarg)

Arsenal Y Aldosivi They play in Sarandí with the aim of ending the streak without wins in the continuity of date 20 of the Professional Soccer League. The game is played in the stadium Julio Humberto Grondona with arbitration by Silvio Trucco and television of the signal TNT Sports.

The Viaducto team comes from falling 2-0 in La Plata against Gimnasia y Esgrima, accumulates seven dates without victories and is located with 20 points. He also needs to add in the direct duel since he is six units from Tiburón and eight from Patronato, clubs that would be descending at the moment.

For his part, Aldosivi, with 13 units, urgently needs to win after the last two losses and two draws to end the losing streak and try to get out of the relegation zone. For tomorrow’s clash the coach Leandro Somoza has a noticeable loss can no longer count on the experienced scorer Martin Cauteruccioinjured.

In history in the First Division they played 4 games: Arsenal won once and Mar del Plata did it 3 times.


Arsenal: Alexander Medina; Christian Chimino, Gonzalo Goñi, Gustavo Canto, Damián Pérez; William Machado, Mauro Pittón, Dardo Miloc, Facundo Kruspzky; Alexander Diaz, Sebastian Lomonaco. DT: Leonardo Madelon.

Aldosivi: Jose Devecchi; Emanuel Iñiguez, Patricio Boolsen, Nicolás Valentini, Ian Escobar; Joaquín Indacoechea, Bautista Kociubinski, Leandro Maciel, Javier Iritier, Ariel Cervera; Santiago Silva. DT: Leandro Somoza.

Hour: 16.30

Stadium: Julio Humberto Grondona

Referee: Silvio Truco

TV: TNT Sports


Can Independiente extend its streak against Unión?  (@fotobairesarg)
Can Independiente extend its streak against Unión? (@fotobairesarg)

Independent will face Union in Santa Fe with the intention of extending the lift that began two dates ago and combined with his pass to the quarterfinals of the Argentine Cup. The Red of Julius Caesar Falcioni will play at the 15 de Abril stadium for date 20 of the Professional League from 7:00 p.m., with arbitration by Jorge Baliño and transmission of ESPN Premium.

The situation of Emperor was very delicate after losing to Gimnasia in La Plata (1-3) 15 days ago, but the consecutive wins against Aldosivi de Mar del Plata (3-0) and Sarmiento de Junín (2-1) calmed the waters in Avellaneda. The atmosphere relaxed even more last Thursday in Jujuy when the team beat Vélez (2-0) and finished among the top eight in the Argentine Cup.

With that momentum he will arrive in Santa Fe this Monday, where Unión will look for a victory that will keep him within sight of qualifying for the 2023 Copa Sudamericana. Tatengue, with a victory in the last four dates, needs to recover from the 0-1 suffered in Vicente López against Platense so as not to compromise his international objective for next year. With 43 points in the annual table, it is located 4 behind Defense and Justice and Tigre, last to get the cup ticket so far.

Independiente has few chances of playing a cup next year because it is located 6 points behind Union in the accumulated. The history by league in the First Division marks an advantage of 16 games for Avellaneda, with 27 wins, 29 draws and 11 losses in 67 games.

probable formations

Union: Sebastian Moyano; Franco Calderon, Facundo Aguero, Diego Polenta; Federico Vera, Juan Nardoni, Juan Portillo, Lucas Esquivel; Mauro Luna Diale, Jonathan Álvez, Brayan Castrillon. DT: Gustavo Munua.

Independent: Milton Alvarez; Alex Vigo, Sergio Barreto, Juan Insaurralde, Edgar Elizalde; Damian Batallini, Iván Marcone, Lucas Romero, Tomás Pozzo; Leandro Fernandez, Leandro Benegas. DT: Julio Cesar Falcioni.

Hour: 19.00

Stadium: April 15

Referee: Jorge Balino

TV: ESPN Premium


The Dean wants to return to the top of the championship (@fotobairesarg)
The Dean wants to return to the top of the championship (@fotobairesarg)

Atletico Tucumanone of the escorts of the new leader Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata, will visit Argentine Juniors in the continuity of day 20 of the 2022 tournament of the Professional League. The match will be played from 9:30 p.m. at the Diego Armando Maradona stadium in La Paternal, with arbitration by Fernando Rapallini and will be broadcast by TNT Sports.

The Dean he left the leadership of the championship after nine consecutive dates by drawing 1-1 with Talleres, which left him in second position with 35 points, one behind Lobo. The team of Lucas Pussini they tied the last three games and in total they have gone four dates without winning with the defeat at La Bombonera against Boca Juniors by 2-1.

Argentinos Juniors is in seventh position with 30 points, six less than Gimnasia and will play one of the last chances to get into the fight for the title. The Bug lost to Defense and Justice by 2 to 1 in Florencio Varela and could only win one of the last five games. The set of Gabriel Millito It becomes strong in La Paternal and precisely together with Atlético Tucumán it is one of the five teams that added the most locals.

Pusineri suffered an important loss for the final part since Cyrus Rius He suffered a broken arm, will have to undergo surgery and will miss the remainder of the tournament. The midfielder had started again after seven games absent due to another injury, but he was only 30 minutes on the field of play.

Argentinos Juniors and Atlético Tucumán met 12 times in the First Division with five wins from Dean, four from La Paternal and three draws. The last time at Diego Armando Maradona was a 2-2 draw in the 2018 tournament. Milito and Pusineri, two champions with Independiente, met in April of this year in Tucumán for the League Cup and the duel between former teammates the former defender won with a 4-2 victory.

probable formations

Argentine Juniors: Federico Lanzilotta; Kevin Mac Allister, Marco Di Cesare, Leonel Gonzalez; Javier Cabrera, Franco Moyano, Lucas Villalba, Luciano Sánchez; Alan Rodriguez; Jose Herrera, Gabriel Avalos. DT: Gabriel Milito.

Atletico Tucuman: Carlos Lampe; Martín Garay, Bruno Bianchi, Manuel Capasso, Matías Orihuela; Renzo Tesuri, Guillermo Acosta, Ramiro Carrera, Joaquín Pereyra; Ramiro Ruiz Rodrguez, Cristian Menendez. DT: Lucas Pusineri.

Hour: 21.30

Stadium: Diego Armando Maradona

Referee: fernando rapallini

TV: TNT Sports


El Pincha will seek to maintain his good moment against the Halcón (@fotobairesarg)
El Pincha will seek to maintain his good moment against the Halcón (@fotobairesarg)

Students Y Defense and Justice They will meet in La Plata in a match on the 20th of the Professional Soccer League that will give vital points for the classification to the international cups of the next year. The match will be at the UNO Jorge Luis Hirschi Stadium from 9:30 p.m., with arbitration by Fernando Echenique and transmission of ESPN Premium and the Public TV.

After going through five dates undefeated and adding three wins in that period, the click approached the Libertadores 2023 zone in the accumulated annual table. Ricardo Zielinski’s team shares a position with Argentinos Juniors with 55 units and is five behind Gimnasia, a club that currently occupies the last place to access the maximum continental tournament.

Halcón is in that situation but for the South American Cup, so they must win in La Plata to defend that privileged position. Florencio Varela’s squad has 47 points along with Tigre and is closely followed by Atlético Tucumán (46), Barracas Central (46), Sarmiento de Junín (46), Banfield (44), Unión de Santa Fe (43) and San Lawrence (42).

Defense and Justice will again have Nicolás Diez as interim coach until next Tuesday the new coach Julio Vaccari takes over, who will take over after the departure of Sebastián Beccacece.

probable formations

Students: Mariano Andujar; Leonardo Godoy, Jorge Morel, Fabian Noguera, Emmanuel More; Manuel Castro, Jorge Rodríguez, Fernando Zuqui, Franco Zapiola or Pablo Piatti; Mauro Mendez, Mauro Boselli. DT: Ricardo Zielinski.

Defense and Justice: Ezequiel Unsain; Nicolás Tripicchio, Adonis Frías, Nazareno Colombo, Alexis Soto; Kevin Gutierrez; Gabriel Alanís, Manuel Duarte, Tomás Galván, Gastón Togni; Andres Rios. DT: Nicholas Diez.

Hour: 21.30

Stadium: ONE Jorge Luis Hirschi

Referee: Fernando Echenique

TV: ESPN Premium and Public TV

Positions table


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