Artemis I: how to post your own message in the Orion capsule

It is possible for you to send messages which, if selected, will display on an iPad that has been placed in the Orion capsule in space.

You can be part of the Artemis I mission by sending a personalized message to Callisto », explains the official website of the operation. Within the Orion capsule – which is on its way to the Moon during the Artemis I mission – a box has been inserted in order to test the use of voice commands in space.

Let’s say it right away: Callisto is a commercial project, carried out by private companies in collaboration with NASA. This is the association of tech giants Lockheed Martin (specialized in defense and armaments), Amazon and Cisco (which provides many servers around the world).

It is the voice assistant Alexa which is at the heart of the concept, in a small box to which an iPad has also been added. It is on this tablet that messages from the public can be displayed.

A (pictorial) representation of message display // Source:
A (pictorial) representation of the message display // Source:

How do I send a message to the Orion capsule?

Want your message to appear in the space? The procedure to follow is as follows:

  • Go to the Lockheed Martin website which hosts the Callisto project
  • Scroll down the page to the form
  • You can then fill in the “Your Message” box — be careful, the limit is 120 characters, which forces you to submit a short message.

There will follow an obvious phase of waiting, because the messages will, logically, not be displayed directly on the screen. On the site, we can also read in small print the conditions of moderation: “ Once submitted, your message will be reviewed and selected for posting, at Lockheed Martin’s sole discretion. Posts containing derogatory, defamatory, racist, sexist or otherwise inappropriate content will be automatically rejected. Posts that include copyrighted material or that endorse people, products, brands, etc. will also be automatically rejected. »

In short, the messages will have to be very general, positive and relatively neutral to have any hope of being selected by private enterprise.

The registration form // Source:
The registration form to send a message // Source:

The Orion capsule is the first mission of the Artemis program, a large-scale project that aims to one day bring humans back to the Moon. At the end of its journey, Orion is supposed to fit into a very distant orbit of the Moon.

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