Artificial Intelligence edits your photos automatically so you can be successful on Tinder

The phrase Artificial intelligence seems to be the answer to any current question. Art, entertainment, health, science and even your love life can be improved with an application that works on the basis of a machine learning mechanism.

According to a review by hypertextualan application that works with Artificial Intelligence has the ability to improve your photos in order for you to be successful in Tinder.

Are your results real? It is complex to know. What the aforementioned portal explains is that the app has several packages depending on what the user is looking for.

In addition to Tinder, there are other options that offer an improvement in your LinkedIn images, thus pointing towards work or academics.

The app is called Photo AI. It is not free to use those specific sections in which you want to improve images focused on social networks such as Tinder, which is the example with which they are launched on the market.

They explain that Artificial Intelligence does not integrate attributes that you do not have. Rather, it actually edits a photo exposing your best possible version. This way, whoever sees you on the dating network will see the real you, if that’s what you’re looking for.

“Perfect for your profile photos on dating apps. Save time and money instead of a real photo studio. Choose the background (studio lighting, office, exterior, etc)”, describes the app in the Tinder package offer.

How to use this Artificial Intelligence app

If you are one of the people who resorted to this machine learning mechanism, using it is much easier than you think.

Once you enter PhotoAI, you select the package of photos you want to improve and the same software works on them by executing parameters such as lighting, sharpness, image quality or shadows.

Artificial Intelligence has the data to be able to deliver the best possible photo according to the deficiencies that it presents.

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