Arturo Vidal celebrated with all the goals of Colo Colo against the U

Colo Colo was left with version 190 of the Chilean soccer Superclassic after defeating Universidad de Chile 3-1 at the El Teniente stadium, within the framework of matchday 22 of the 2021 National Championship.

The Cacique was left with the victory with annotations by Marcos Bolados, an own goal by Ramón Arias and another by Ignacio Jara. The blue discount came at the end of the game via Marcelo Cañete.

With this result, the Popular reached 43 units and escaped at the top of the standings. The albos took him out five points of difference to Unión La Calera and Eight to Catholic University.

One who did not want to miss the most attractive game in national football was Arturo Vidal, who first uploaded a story ready to see the commitment and later he raised his celebrations after the Albos goals.

The first record the King shared was when Marcos Bolados noted the account opening and noted “Goal, come on, Colo Colo, great goal, dad, great goal”. And later, Ignacio Jara’s third goal rose and left the following comment: “Golazoooo”, accompanied by various muscle emojis.

His last story was a post from the Cacique’s official account with the final result of the Superclásico, where the King put a “Well earned, team !!!”.

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