Arturo Vidal celebrates the title of Colo Colo on his arrival in Ecuador

Arturo vidal started his trip to the city of Quito in Ecuador next to the Chilean Selection. Instance by which they arrived in the country hours after Colo Colo had begun with the celebrations for obtaining the title in Chile Cup.

The midfielder barely set foot in Ecuador, through his cell phone, he learned the title of the Cacique, as well as the selected one Ivan Morales, who even participated in a live with Oscar Opazo in the middle of the celebrations.

Vidal took advantage of social networks to send an affectionate greeting to the Colocolino people and join the celebrations amid the concentration of Chile. “Congratulations champions”, were the words that the King wrote on his Instagram account.

There was so much excitement that even a couple of fans sent him the messages that the Cacique had managed to win the Chile Cup title, where he took the time to respond on a surprised occasion to the fan who sent him had informed him of the championship.

From now on, the midfielder is fully focused on the important challenge he has with the Chilean National Team today, where they will have to go in search of points as a visitor against Ecuador and get closer to the qualifying positions.

The meeting between Chile and Ecuador will be played this Sunday, September 5 from 6:00 p.m. at the Rodrigo Paz Delgado Stadium.

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