Arturo Vidal challenges Italy’s Serie A to play for La Roja

European football is joining with its main leagues to boycott the triple knockout date that is coming in South America heading to Qatar 2022, blocking its players and not passing them to represent their national teams.

The last to take this unpleasant position was Serie A in Italy, joining La Liga in Spain and the Premier League in England in this past, giving a hard blow to the planning of Martín Lasarte thinking about the duels of September against Brazil, Ecuador and Colombia.

This because one of its holders is Arturo Vidal, a player who currently He plays for Inter Milan and that, according to the position of Serie A, will be left out of the important meetings that are coming in the Red.

Nevertheless, the King does not agree at all with the wishes of the Italian federation, making it clear on social media your idea of ​​saying present in the Chilean team, regardless of what Inter Milan and company want.

“Happy for the appointment with my beloved Selection and I will be there with the same desire and heart as always”, Vidal wrote defiantly on his Instagram stories.

Arturo Vidal made clear his desire to play for La Roja. | Photo: Capture.

The midfielder formed in Colo Colo is the first Chilean footballer to demonstrate after the “idea” of the European football federations that the clubs do not lend their players for the triple date in South America.

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