Arturo Vidal fought with everything in a hot classic, but could not prevent Flamengo from falling against Fluminense

Arturo Vidal could not prevent the fall of Flamengo in a hot classic that ended with four expulsions and the victory of Fluminense in the Brasileirao.

Vidal fights with everything in a hot classic, but does not prevent the fall of Flamengo.
© Getty ImagesVidal fights with everything in a hot classic, but does not prevent the fall of Flamengo.

Flamengo and Fluminense is one of the most important matches in Brazilian football and this Sunday the faces were seen in the Brasileirao. A duel that was attended by Arturo vidal in the last minutes of the match, but that he could not avoid the fall of his team in this crucial confrontation.

The classics are played in a special way considering that they are the most important clubs in the city of Rio de Janeiro, and in which there was more than one confrontation on and off the field. Is that the party had the expulsion of David Braza player who was on the substitute bench just six minutes into the game.

Already when the final stretch of the first part was being played, through a penalty kick, it was midfielder Ganso who unbalanced the match in favor of the visitors. Once already in the complement, the midfielder Arturo Vidal made his entrance to the field for the place of Joao Gomes.

Just a few minutes later, in a disregard of the flamenco supporters, ended with the conquest of Nathan to stretch in two the difference in favor of Fluminense in which he began to lead the victory in the Maracana with a header.

Gabriel Barbosa dressed as one of the heroes of the red and black cast that opened the hopes of going in search of a tie scoring the discount for Flamengo in the absence of seven for the end of the game, plus those that could be added.

It was here that the match began to slip away for the referee of the match since in one play it ended with a couple of confrontations and that culminated with four victims who saw the red card directly, two on each side.

Finally, Fluminense ended up winning the victory against Flamengo by two to one and getting the three points that left it in second position with 48 points, while the team of our fallen compatriot fell back to fourth position with 45 units.

The next meeting that Arturo Vidal’s Flamengo will have will be on Wednesday, September 28 from 7:00 p.m., when they must visit Fortaleza on a new date of the Brasileirao.

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