Arturo Vidal tries to "clown" the Brazilian Richarlison

The Chilean team had a bitter night at the Monumental Stadium against Brazil, falling 1-0 and tremendously compromising their options to go to the World Cup on this date 9 of the South American Qualifiers to Qatar 2022.

The game continued to be played on Social Networks after 90 minutes of play, since Arturo Vidal was also the object of trolling by part of Brazilian attacker Richarlison, who in the previous match had already turned on the matter on his social networks, by posting a photograph on his Instagram with the message “looking for a rival in South America.”

The attacking wanted to call attention again this past, recalling a publication by Vidal in the last match between both teams in the Copa AmĂ©rica, bringing it up after Brazil’s victory at the Monumental.

The response of the formed in Colo Colo was immediate, rightly treating him as a “clown” with a tart post on his Instagram stories.

It should be mentioned that Richarlison saw this game on TV, since he was part of the group of players who He could not come to play the Qualifiers as he was a player in England football, specifically at Everton.

Look at Vidal’s answer:

Arturo Vidal’s response was immediate. | Photo: Capture.

La Roja must quickly turn the page after this defeat, since the rematch is just around the corner facing Ecuador in Quito this Sunday, September 5, starting at 6:00 p.m. (Chilean time).

No, you must bet on Arriagada

Yes, but an experienced one

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