Arturo Vidal unburdens himself after the uncollected penalty

The Chilean team could not get on the scoreboard its good game against Brazil and ended up losing 1-0 at the Monumental Stadium, tremendously mortgaging its options to go to the World Cup on this date 9 of the Qualifiers to Qatar 2022.

One of the figures in Chile, despite the defeat, was Arturo Vidal, who with his usual quality was the most important weapon in the midfield of Martín Lasarte’s team.

After the game, King Arturo affirmed to the Chilevisión signal that “It is sad to lose like this, we deserved much more, we played a great game, we were superior, but we did not take advantage of the opportunities and against a team like Brazil they mark you one and define the game for you. We have to leave everything in Ecuador and Colombia ”.

In relation to the penalty that Casemiro committed near the penalty and that was not charged by the Peruvian referee Diego Haro, the steering wheel was clear in saying that “It hits me, how people are not going to bother, what is VAR for? Then you get fined, it’s crazy. It was my turn inside, it was a penalty, but that’s the way we are. Now to turn the page, to improve and get points in Ecuador and Colombia ”.

“I don’t want to talk about this, they get words out of me, I say everything, they punish me and the national team. To turn the page, you are already lost and think about improving. I’m not going to answer, then ‘again Vidal’. We have to continue, we deserved more, but it was lost ”, Vidal concluded.

La Roja must quickly turn the page, as the rematch is just around the corner facing Ecuador in Quito this Sunday, September 5 from 6:00 p.m. (Chilean time).

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