Ascension: The TV highlights in the program

Fairy tales and adventures – Ascension Day is also shown for children of all ages: a big recommendation is the station ZDFNeo, the great feature films from 10 a.m has in the program for a short time. i.a.

11:35 a.m Pünktchen und Anton (from 1999) The cheeky Pünktchen (Elea Geissler) from a rich family helps his school friend Anton (Max Felder).

4:45 p.m Karlsson on the roof (from 1974) With a propeller on his back, Karlsson (Mats Wikström) spices up Little Lillebror’s life.

Film adaptations by Astrid Lindgren shows also ZDF:

5:55 a.m The Lionheart brothers (from 1977) Two deceased brothers fight a tyrant and his dragon in paradise.

7:35 a.m We children from Bullerbü (from 1986) Finally vacation! Time to spend the night in the hayloft, play pirate games and hunt fake ghosts.

9:03 a.m Master detective Kalle Blomquist lives dangerously (from 1996) Kalle and his friends Anders and Eva-Lotta investigate a murder.

In the first and in the MDR there is Fairy tale classics and remakes, etc

8:25 a.m The devil with the three golden hairs (Das Erste, from 2013) The king (Thomas Sarbacher) sends a lucky child to the devil.

9:40 a.m King Drosselbart (MDR, from 1965) With a singing Manfred Krug in the title role! The snooty Princess Roswitha has to marry the first beggar who comes along.

Nothing here? How about this?

10:05 a.m Janosch: Come on, we’ll find a treasure! (KiKA) Bunny Jochen longs for friends, together with tiger and bear he goes in search of pirate treasure.

5:05 p.m Arlo & Spot (RTL) An endangered baby dino befriends a little survivalist.

8:15 p.m Treasure Knight – The Secret of Melusina (Disney Channel)

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