Ashe and Bob’s cosplay builds anticipation for Overwatch 2

From time to time we report on high-quality cosplays of characters over watch. Since the sequel to the shooter am October 4, 2022 comes to market, it’s little wonder that the brand continues to be hugely popular in the cosplay community. While in the past we’ve mostly highlighted cosplays by D.Va or Tracer, a recent cosplay by Ashe and Bob the possibilities of the hobby. The User”hello_angel.a” has already designed one or the other cosplay, including for Ahri aus League of Legends, but her current project is probably one of her most complex to date. In addition to Ashe’s highly detailed costume and the appropriate staging, an impressively built Bob catches the eye at first glance. This was created in the workshop of her partner Wayne. Angela herself therefore described the entire project on Reddit as her first couple cosplay.

Matching combination

In addition to the high level of detail of the costume and the robot, the successful composition of the photos is striking. These were from the Dutchman Jeroen Weimar shot, which has already effectively staged numerous other cosplays. Alongside the matching horse-drawn carriage is the camera angle and lighting, which makes Bob and Ashe shine even more. No wonder, then, that the feedback on Reddit turns out very positive.

More impressive cosplays

But apart from Overwatch, there are currently a few other cosplays that amaze with a high level of detail or ingenious photos. For example, we recently reported on a very coherent Zelda cosplay. Also, a unique cosplay of Maleina from Elden Ring is remembered for an amazing costume.

Sources: Reddit (r/Cosplay), Instagram (hello_angel.a)

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