Asian cosplayer brings Android 18 to life in Dragon Ball Z cosplay

the anime of Dragon Ball Z It has been broadcast for many years, but it is still one of the most popular and influential in the world. Thanks to that, we continue to see fan arts and cosplays of the most popular characters, such as the incredible cosplay of the android 18 what the asian cosplayer did Xen.

Xen is an Asian cosplayer with many years of experience, as she has been actively posting cosplays on her social media since the beginning of 2019, but in recent years we have seen the quality of her cosplays increase quite a bit. One of the best cosplays that she has presented is that of Android 18 with the appearance that she has in Dragon Ball Z.

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Xen is an English cosplayer of Asian descent who is distinguished by the quality of her cosplays, and she regularly shares new photos on her social networks. Among the most recent cosplays that Xen has presented are those of Android 18 from Dragon Ball Z.

The first time we saw Xen cosplaying Android 18 was in mid-March, when he revealed that she was his favorite character from Dragon Ball Z. Back then Xen submitted two photos in this cosplay, but a few weeks later he shared another pair. .

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The last time we saw Xen in her Android 18 cosplay was in early May, when she showed off a photo alongside some fan art of the character to prove her parentage. Since then we haven’t seen Xen in this cosplay again, but being his favorite Dragon Ball Z character, it’s possible that he will become Android 18 again in the future.

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