“Asocial”: Danni Büchner blasphemes about “Celebrity Big Brother” Valentina

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Of: Sarah Wolzen

Valentina Doronina is causing a lot of trouble in the “Celebrity Big Brother” house. This, in turn, calls the former PBB resident Danni Büchner onto the scene. Because she gets really upset about the influencer.

Mallorca – Last year she was there live, but this year Danni Büchner (44) can watch the new season of “Celebrity Big Brother” comfortably in front of her home television in Mallorca. But with what she is offered, the pulse of the 44-year-old shoots up.

Waltenina Doronina hands out Jeremy Fragrance on “Celebrity Big Brother”.

The reason: Influencer Valentina Doronina (22). She doesn’t get along with perfume influencer Jeremy Fragrance (33) herself. He had defied the instructions of “Big Brother” and refused to exchange his white suit for a less fancy outfit. Fearing collective punishment, Valentina hit Jeremy hard.

Danni Büchner on Instagram, next to Celebrity Big Brother” resident Valentina
Danni Büchner hands out against “Celebrity Big Brother” resident Valentina © Instagram: dannibuechner & Sat.1

Although his behavior ultimately only had consequences for the Oldenburg resident, Valentina cannot forgive him and shares in a tour against Jeremy (“the fart”) – much to the chagrin of the other “Celebrity Big Brother” candidates, who are quite stressed out create power.

Danni Büchner hands out against “Celebrity Big Brother” resident Valentina

Danni Büchner cannot understand the influencer’s behavior at all. But on the contrary: the “Goodbye Germany” emigrant finds it just “asocial” and “under all sow” as Valentina is to her “Celebrity Big Brother” roommates. The mother of five explains this very upset to her more than 317,000 followers on Instagram.

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Danni Büchner will probably no longer be a fan of Valentina. It’s almost a shame that the two didn’t meet in the same “Celebrity Big Brother” season.

At Promi BB, instead of Danni Büchner, another “Goodbye Germany” emigrant is a topic of conversation. Presenter Marlene Lufen says she sees a frightening resemblance between Iris Klein and a “Celebrity Big Brother” candidate. Is there a secret relationship? Sources used: Sat.1, instagram.com/dannibuechner

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