Assassin’s Creed and the breakthrough action RPG: is it all the fault of the Syndicate leaks?

Have you ever wondered why Ubisoft decided to revolutionize Assassin’s Creed and embark on a new path with Origins and its sequels? To reveal interesting background on the issue was an old developer of the French company.

We refer to Stanislav Costiucwho joined the team working on Syndicate shortly after the release of leak by Kotaku. According to the statements that Costiuc published on his personal Twitter account, all mysteriously disappeared shortly after their appearance on the social network, the software house was deeply marked by the leak of news and by the way in which the fans received the advances. According to the game designer, this situation would have significantly affected the development of the game, to the point of making it a worse product due to the lack of motivation within the team.

Not only that, Costiuc claims that it is precisely at this moment that Ubisoft would have decided to give one turn to the brand, starting to develop the chapters with a more marked role component. The sudden change of course that Origins gave way, therefore, would be nothing more than the result of the Assassin’s Creed Syndicate leaks. If these statements were to be confirmed, it would be legitimate to ask what direction the brand would have taken if this had not happened.

In any case, players who have not enjoyed the last few chapters of the series will be happy to know that Assassin’s Creed Mirage will have a more contained game structure and will lack the role-playing elements seen in Valhalla.

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