Assassin’s Creed: Ubisoft leaker flies up, apologizes

In the last few weeks, “The Insiders” established itself as the new top leaker on the internet on Twitter with correct information on some games that were even unannounced. He revealed details about the next Assassin’s Creed games – including Mirage and Infinity – before Ubisoft officially presented the upcoming projects as part of the live stream at the time. Now, however, the insider is a fatal error happens who has betrayed his identity.

Twitter account not changed

Actually, The Insider on Twitter just wanted to answer a question from another user, but the leaker forgot to switch accounts. So the answer didn’t come from @TheReallnsider, it came from Dan Allen. And the name is not entirely unknown. On YouTube he is as Dan Allen Gaming active and producing gaming videos for 189,000 subscribers. Although the tweet was deleted shortly thereafter, it was already too late.

Busted insider apologizes

Meanwhile, Dan Allen has apologized for his short tenure as The Insider. On Twitter it says, among other things: “I’m ashamed and disappointed in myself. I need some time to reflect on my bad decisions – which will never happen again.” The YouTuber has numerous leaks NDAs broken. It is questionable whether he will receive further information from publishers and developers in advance.

The leaks of the last few days

At the moment he is the dominant one gigantic leak to GTA 6 the headlines. Rockstar now has illegal access to the project’s material approved. Now it is to be found out who is behind the attack. The well-known insider Tom Henderson also unveiled an alleged PS5 with removable drive for discussions.

Source: ResetERA

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