Astrid and Raphaëlle (France 2): Will Raphaëlle and Nicolas be together in season 4?

fans ofAstrid and Raphaelle no longer hoped for it! And yet, after three years of unspoken, blindness and renunciations, revelations and disappointments, the policewoman and Nicolas finally kissed in the finale of season 3 of the series, broadcast this Friday, September 23 on France 2.

This season 3 has largely explored the feelings of the two heroines: while Astrid ((Sara Mortensen, annoyed by rumors about the father of her son) exchanged her first kiss with Tetsuo, Raphaëlle (Lola Dewaere, who reframed with humor Internet users) opened his eyes to Nicolas (Benoît Michel), his best friend, and to his feelings for him. Alas! After years of loving the beautiful brunette in secret, the policeman had decided to turn the page by going out with Emma, Arthur’s sister: “Both are always out of time, develops Alexandre de Séguins, the co-creator and screenwriter of the series. When one is ready, the other is not. The relationship between the two could be summed up in two: bad timing! And to add: “Raphaëlle found herself disarmed in the face of the situation, angry at the fate that was playing against her.”

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“Nicolas is in a terrible position” explains Alexandre de Seguins

At first, Raphaëlle therefore remains in the background, and digests her disappointment and her sadness. But when she learns that Nicolas has always been in love with her, she is no longer silent: “It’s stronger than her. She tells herself that if they are made for each other, he must know how she feels”, continues the screenwriter. In a scene that is both funny and moving, the policewoman takes the plunge and explains to a flabbergasted Nicolas that she has feelings for him! After kissing her, he leaves her with a resounding: “You fucking suck. SHIT!” : “Raphaëlle’s confession puts Nicolas in a terrible position, explains Alexandre de Séguins. This is the woman he has loved for ten years but he is about to move in with another. Hence his anger! In the discharge of Raphaëlle, he never told her what he felt for her. I like this character very much: he is the only one who does not know that he is attractive. He who has trouble jumping into the void, he is always a bit off.”

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“We are going to open the box of Raphaëlle and Nicolas’ relationship” announces the screenwriter

Will season 4 allow Raphaëlle and Nicolas to meet again? All hopes are allowed : “We’re finally going to open the box for this relationship! announces the screenwriter. We’ve been waiting to do it for a long time, but we didn’t want to go too fast.” Not sure therefore that the story of Raphaëlle and Nicolas is a long calm river. Especially since the brigade will welcome a new and very attractive colleague…

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