At Bandai Namco, we are celebrating 20 years of .hack// in video games

As this trailer shows, the festivities begin with today’s release in Japan of a .hack//20th Anniversary Book whose works illustrate the entire .hack// work (video games but also mangas, novels and animation). From August 9 to 28, the series will be treated to its very first art exhibition at the Yurakucho Marui shopping mall in Tokyo. After that, the goodies will continue to rain until the end of the year with the release of an artbook .hack//20th Game Art Works and three CDs .hack//20th Best in December 2022.

For the time being, Bandai Namco has not hinted that this anniversary will give birth to anything on our consoles, except that the publisher has recently registered the trademark Last Recollection everywhere in the world and that it recalls the name used for the .hack//GU Last Recode compilation released on PS4, Switch and Steam. In theory, Last Recollection could therefore be the name of a compilation of the PS2 game tetralogy (Infection, Mutation, Outbreak, Quarantine) released here in 2004.

At a time when the concept of episodic video games was far from common, Bandai Namco had surprised by marketing these four RPGs signed CyberConnect2 at the rate of one episode per quarter. Although they were offline RPGs, they also had the particularity of simulating an MMORPG environment, in this case that of The World in which the entire franchise takes place.

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