At Caen University Hospital, heart transplants are no longer possible

The ARS asked the establishment to stop performing heart transplants last Thursday due to a “prolonged lack of transplant activity” at the CHU.

Caen University Hospital no longer performs heart transplants. The Normandy Regional Health Agency suspended this activity last Thursday in this hospital, due to the absence of heart transplants by the CHU teams since July 2021, explained the ARS to West France.

According to the ARS, it was the Biomedicine Agency that informed her of “a risk for patients” due to “the prolonged absence of transplant activity”.

“Much more difficult” for patients

Véronique Bazire, deputy secretary of the Force Ouvrière union at Caen University Hospital, says she is worried about this decision, stressing that it will complicate the lives of already fragile patients who will therefore have to go to more distant establishments.

There is “the concern about the distance in transplant expectations, the distance in transfers, so yes we are worried about losing this activity”, she explains to BFMTV, adding that the “most worrying” is “for people who will need to be hospitalized, if they are hospitalized for a long time waiting for a transplant, away from their home and family, it can be much more difficult for them”.

“Limited chances of survival”

The Normandy Association of Heart Transplant Patients qualifies in a press release this “irresponsible” decision. She explains that there is “a substantial list of patients waiting for a transplant at Caen University Hospital, two of whom are under assistance and cannot be transferred while grafts are offered.” The ANGC speaks of putting “the lives of these patients at risk, whose chances of survival will be reduced”.

According to information from West Francea reprieve had been requested by the Caen cardiology teams, until the end of 2022, to organize the support of patients and their transfer, which was refused to them.

“It’s already stressful to learn that we are going to be transplanted, and to wait for a transplant”, explains to our microphone Jacques Deslandes, president of the ANGC, “and to know that we are no longer going to be transplanted where we have the follow-up before transplant, where we know that we are with a competent team, to know that we are going to be transplanted elsewhere where we do not know the team, we do not know, it adds stress additional”.

16 patients are currently awaiting a transplant in Caen, according to West France. They should be redirected to the nearest establishments practicing heart transplants in Paris and Rouen.

Salome Vincendon BFMTV journalist

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