“At Edeka at checkout 3”: Laura Müller’s classmates chat about Wendler’s wife

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Before Laura Müller became famous, she led a normal teenage life. In order to earn something extra, the wife of pop star Michael Wendler worked at the cash register. Your former classmates remember.

Tangermünde – In the past four years, Laura Müller (22) has made a lightning rise. When she was still a student, shortly before her 17th birthday, the influencer met Michael Wendler (50) and became a sought-after It girl at his side, who is still loyal to the controversial hit star. Now former classmates shared their memories of the 22-year-old with the public.

Before she met hit star Michael Wendler – Laura Müller worked as a cashier

The love story between Michael Wendler and Laura Müller is said to have started in June 2017. At that time, the pop singer performed at the city festival in Stendal, Saxony-Anhalt, only about ten kilometers from Laura’s hometown of Tangermünde. She “adored Wendler,” a photographer recently recalled bild.de, who was present on that day: “In the evening there was a big pop party on the market. That’s when I saw Laura for the first time.”

Pop star Michael Wendler with Laura Müller, next to Edeka Tangermünde (photomontage)
Before Laura Müller started dating Michael Wendler, the influencer lived a normal teenage life. In her home town of Tangermünde, the student at the time worked at the cash register to earn some extra money (photomontage) © Gartner/Imago & Screenshot/Facebook/E-Center Grave Tangermünde

Two years later, the 22-year-old was not only a popular star, but also in a relationship with the pop singer. But not only Roberto Abramowski, the photographer of the Stendal city festival, but also Laura Müller’s former classmates remember the time before the influencer became famous nationwide. At that time, she worked as a cashier at Edeka – and left a lasting impression on some people, a classmate recalls: “She usually sat at checkout 3. Most of the boys fell in love with her while waiting in line, at school anyway.”

Skowronek, Norberg or Wendler – what is the real name of the hit star?

Under the name Michael Wendler, the pop singer is probably well and badly remembered by most. But this is just a pseudonym. The 50-year-old was born Michael Skowronek, but took on his stage name, which is now well known far and wide, at the beginning of his career. During this time he also met his manager and later wife Claudia Norberg. After marrying her in March 2009, he also took her last name – and carries it to this day, although the divorce followed in 2020. As is well known, the pop star now has a new woman by his side: Laura Müller. By the way, since the wedding in June 2020, she has also had the surname of his ex-wife.

Former classmate talks about Laura Müller – harsh criticism for pop singer Michael Wendler

Another classmate who, like Laura Müller, attended the Hinrich-Brunsberg secondary school, has since changed her initially positive opinion of the 22-year-old and the hit star: “Initially I thought her rise to Wendler’s side to the It-Girl was great. Now it looks more like a pimp than a loving husband.”

Laura Müller’s mom, who still lives in the region around Tangermünde, was also questioned – but she didn’t really want to comment: “Oh no. I’d rather not say anything about that,” said the It-Girl’s mother. According to various media reports, she is said to be quite critical of the relationship with Michael Wendler anyway. Some claim that her daughter wanted to become famous at all costs: Laura Müller is said to have not only made “beautiful eyes” on Wendler at Schlager concerts. Sources used: bild.de

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