At least seven babies are born during May 10 in Yucatan

The Maternal and child Hospital “Dr. Consuelo Vadillo Gutierrez” by Meridaregistered this Tuesday the first birth of the May 10at 0:04 a.m., when Reyna Guadalupe Vera Balam had a 3,115-kilogram girl, who is in good health.

The head of the facility, Miguel Ángel Laviada Mier y Terán, reported that at this registered birth the Mother’s Daythe daughter of María Isabel Uicab Hoil was added, at 1:10, weighing 2,210, as well as the son of Abril Celis Negrón, at 5:43, who weighed 3,880 kilograms.

“Both the patients and their babies are in good health,” explained the doctor.

To the congratulate moms On this occasion, the director of the hospital thanked the work of the medical stafffrom Nursingsocial work, laboratory, mayor and more areas, for the benefit of those who are in the hospital, as well as working mothers, for their tireless work in it.

other hospitals

At least seven babies are born during May 10 in Yucatan

The Maternal and Child Hospital of Mérida registered at least three births during the day

About the other hospitals belonging to the Ministry of Health of Yucatan (SSY), the director of “Dr. Agustín O’Horán”, Marco Antonio Cetina Cámara, reported that, at 1:26, Karina Beatriz Castro Collí gave birth to a girlof 3,090 kilograms.

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As for the interior of the state, the director of the General Hospital of ValladolidLorena Barradas Rodríguez, reported the birth of a boy at 8:57 a.m., son of Lorenza Mas, while in the Community of TiculBeria Ibérica Canché Sandoval gave birth to her daughter at 9:20, weighing 3,220 kilograms, and in OverallsAt 7:09 a.m., Luz Elena Pool Balam brought a 2,525-year-old child into the world.

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