At the age of 97, the beloved humorist Carlitos Balá died

On Thursday night the beloved actor and comedian passed away Carlitos Bala. He was 97 years old and was admitted to the Güemes sanatorium. This was confirmed by his granddaughter Laura Gelfi a teleshow: “We are devastated but united and that’s how he left, with the family united and a lot of love”.

The historic comedian had turned 97 on August 13 and in the last few hours had been admitted to the hospital for hypotension. “He had dizziness at home, logical for his age, and they took him to the sanatorium. The doctors decided to keep him under observation”said his representative Maximilian Marbuk the day of admission.

The creator of the phrase “What does salt taste like?”, of the famous “ee aa pe pé”, “sumbudrule” and the “lollipop meter” had a very long career in the world of entertainment. He was a humorist, actor, musician and presenter, creator of programs and films that were marked in the hearts of Argentines. The gesture of idea and his performance with Angueto, his invisible puppy, are other trademarks of a person who was always very loved by everyone.

“What does salt taste like?” the artist asked and all the boys responded by shouting: “Salty!”. The story goes that this idea was born in 1969 in Mar del Plata, when a boy looked at him attentively and Balá, pretending not to see him, asked aloud several times: “The sea! What will the sea taste like?” . The boy remained silent and he continued: “Ahhh, the sea tastes like salt. But what does salt taste like?” And before running away the boy answered him. “But, what taste is salt going to have! Salty!”

Photo: AGLP

“He is very happy, we are constantly reading people’s messages, which is a lot that he sends and it is very exciting. Every year that passes is more what people send him, what they want, we are receiving many messages and gifts and we came with my mother from the morning to help because what they send us is tremendous,” said his granddaughter last year, when Carlitos turned 96.

After his sad death, thousands of people turned to social networks to say goodbye, express their pain and also remember him with a smile, like the many that he knew how to generate in all his fans.

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