At the inauguration, Moria spoke of “succession” and said that Massa is going to “get stagnant minds out”

Moria, yesterday, at the Bicentennial Museum supporting Massa / Télam

With a chinstrap printed like the Argentine flag, Moria became one of the great protagonists of the assumption of Sergio Massa as superminister. The presence of the diva was not surprising as La One is, in some way, the official’s “super-mother-in-law” because of her relationship with “Pato” Galmarini, father of Malena, wife of the man of the moment.

The diva was one of the first to arrive at the Bicentennial Museum where the ceremony was held. In her networks, she shared a publication from the previous one: “Stand by in the front row of the family waiting for the militant of life, Sergio Massa”. Of course there was a detail that did not go unnoticed: a song from the award-winning series “Succession”, about a family that is skinned by the power of a multimedia, which could well be translated as a metaphor for the Argentine reality…

Before the oath, and while the speech arrived, Moria took the opportunity to take photos with his followers. In dialogue with the press, he referred to his look that, as he would make clear, was not innocent: “I have come with my mouth covered with the Argentine flag. In other words, I have a great power of oratory and my flag covering my mouth says it all… There is nothing to talk about. (This is) Logistical support, I support it with everything. The top 3: strength, energy, resilience and get rid of stagnant minds. Forward”.

Moria lives this family present with great enthusiasm. After the news of Massa’s new position was made public, the diva turned to her networks to encourage him: “Congratulations to the Massa-Galmarani family. Hold on Massa, you have a back, waist and head to achieve what you set out to do! “Congratulations on everything that happens so that our beloved Argentina can move forward.”

He also defined him as “a brilliant man who has a waist, does hula-hula” and did not hesitate to ensure that “it is what the country needs”.

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