At the trial of November 13, the week of the defense of the “little ones”

1. A sound of hooves

“When I walk in a park in Brussels and I hear hoofbeats, I think of a horse, not a zebra. The Crown is thinking of a zebra. My client is a drug dealer. He will find other narcotics traffickers in a city, Rotterdam, known for the ease with which narcotics are obtained. What does the prosecution conclude? That he went to buy weapons! » So says Jonathan De Taye, one of the three lawyers of Ali El Haddad Asufi. This is the end of the first week devoted to the defense of those whom the public prosecutor refuses to be called second knives because in matters of terrorism, he believes, there are no second knives. And, as I had foreseen, after having been almost 100% convinced by the river indictment of the Hennetier-Braconnay-Le Bris trio, I now let myself be convinced, let’s say 50%, by the lawyers who demolish it.

2. Jump to the eyes

“He couldn’t ignore” : this sentence, with various variants, is the basis for the accusation of AMT, an association of terrorist criminals, which can be described as a catch-all, a gray area, a machine to condemn by claiming to probe souls instead of ignoring them. stick to the facts. Hamza Attou was friends with Brahim Abdeslam whose radicalization, says the public prosecutor, was obvious. He should have seen the danger, denounced it.

Delphine Paci, one of Attou’s two lawyers: “You have an antivax neighbor. He bathes you with

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