At what age did Andrea Legarreta become a mother?

Andrea Legarreta is one of the best known stars on Mexican television, mainly due to his many years on the morning show “Today”, but now it is her daughters who put her in the spotlight because they are following in their mother’s footsteps in the show.

Legarreta became a mother for the first time at 34 years of age with the birth of Mía Rubin Legarreta on April 22, 2005. conductive received his second daughter, Nina, at 36 years of age in 2007.

On The Truth News We share with you how the daughters of Andrea Legarreta, Mía and Nina Rubín will be stars of a series, proving that artistic talent runs in the family, which is why their foray into music has also attracted attention due to the continued support of their father, Erik Rubín.

Age of Andrea Legarreta and Erick Rubin

Andrea Legarreta and Erik Rubin

Currently, the Televisa host is 50 years old, turned July 12, while her husband and father of her daughters, Erik Rubín, is also 50 years old in January of this year.

The couple married in 2000; after five years of marriage they welcomed their first daughter. Although the parents say they work for the good of the young woman, many criticize Erik Rubín and Andrea Legarreta for ‘exploiting’ their 16-year-old daughter, Mía Rubín.

How old is Andrea Legarreta in the Hoy program?

Although last July, it was rumored that Andrea Legarreta would leave the Hoy program for an important reason, the host will turn 23 uninterrupted years at the helm of the magazine production carried out by Televisa.

Legarreta first joined “Hoy” in 1998 but left the program in 2000. With two brief years of experience, he left production to return in 2003; Since then he has appeared in almost every episode.

Where is Andrea Legarreta from?

Andrea Legarreta is originally from CDMX

The television presenter was born in the Mexico City on July 12, 1971. Although she is now a well-known television figure, Andrea Legarreta recounted her complicated journey on TV, with moving details that we reveal to you in the complete biography of the famous.

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