At what time are the rains announced in La Plata?

The National Meteorological Service (SMN) announced that the weather will be unstable for the rest of the day in La Plata and It is for this reason that there are some chances of weak rains in the early morning hours.. According to the extended forecast, cold mornings and cool afternoons with mostly cloudy skies will follow.

In that sense, the specialists indicated that this Wednesday will be a day with moderate winds and low temperatures. The minimum will be 8°C and the maximum 17°C.

For Thursday, meanwhile, partly cloudy skies are expected while the winds will blow from the southern sector. It will be a cold to cool day. The temperature will oscillate between 6°C and 19°C.

Finally, the SMN experts reported that for Friday there will be a mostly cloudy sky with light winds from the north sector. The thermometer will mark a minimum of 8°C and a maximum of 22°C.

For its part, the local Hydrometeorology Directorate communicated through its social networks that in La Plata it is expected “a brief period of instability during the remainder of today and the first hours of tomorrow with a low chance of some weak and isolated precipitation, then it will improve with variable cloudiness. Cold mornings and cool to warm afternoons will follow.

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