Attack against Clarín: they already have the faces of the attackers and seek to identify them

From a cross-section of information and, mainly, from obtaining images taken by security cameras, the Antiterrorist Investigations Unit of the Federal Police have managed to extract photographs of the nine attackers who on Monday night threw Molotov cocktails at the building of the newspaper Clarín. One of them would have already been identified.

The researchers worked on the images from the cameras, both public and private, and managed to isolate images. “They are very clear,” they stressed since they were able to locate them without hoods and with their faces uncovered. Of the nine suspects, one is a woman, although there are still no names or surnames.

Those images are now analyzed with an artificial intelligence program that compares the features with official databases.

One of the images had a high percentage of coincidence with a person and now the investigators want to determine if that name fits the profile of the suspects or is a misrecognition.

The other parallel work that is being carried out is a “mobile map to identify the escape routes and income to the areas of operations, which was the door of the Grupo Clarín building”, located in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Barracas.

Meanwhile, the police are also expanding the search radar. The cameras of the City of Buenos Aires allowed us to follow the trail of two motorcycles to the south of the capital.

For the moment, the researchers do not rule out that the attackers “are a miniscule group with anarchist characteristics”, considering that there was no public vindication of the attack.

On the other hand, on Tuesday it was learned that a print taken from one of the incendiary bottles – which did not explode and was left intact on the sidewalk – did not show any coincidence. That trace had been crossed with the official databases, both from the National Registry of Persons -Renaper- and those that contain criminal records. Therefore, it is estimated that one of the attackers could be a foreigner. This determined that the Justice ask the National Directorate of Migrations for the income to the country.

The Molotov cocktails did not cause material damage or injuries and the case is being investigated by federal judge Luis Rodríguez, with the intervention of the prosecutor Gerardo Pollicita, under the figure of public intimidation.

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