Attack in Colorado Springs: Nyke Slawik calls for solidarity, cohesion and love

Nyke Slawik was elected to the Bundestag in the 2021 election.

Nyke Slawik sits for the Greens in the German Bundestag.Image: / Future Image

Joana Rettig

A brutal attack on humanity. Shots, screams, dead, injured. Where there should actually be a safe place. Where people want to celebrate, dance and have fun. According to US police, a 22-year-old man entered an LGBTQ nightclub with an assault rifle and a handgun. He immediately opened fire.

The man killed five people. He injured 18 others.

USA: Sadness and condolences following the shooting at an LGBTQ club in Colorado Springs.

USA: Sadness and condolences following the shooting at an LGBTQ club in Colorado Springs.Image: / ZUMA Wire

This is another slap in the face, especially for the queer community. Also in Germany. This is proven by the Greens member of the Bundestag Nyke Slawik, who addresses the public with an emotional tweet.

Slawik writes in the tweet that you are experiencing unbearable violence against people from your community. The 28-year-old is trans* herself and experiences a lot of hate and hatred as a result.

The young politician demands more solidarity and cohesion from society. “For the crisis of queer hostility that we are currently experiencing.” People keep asking: “Is there nothing more important than discussing gender, identity & queerness?”

And Slawik also has an answer:

“Honestly, I don’t know anyone who wants to keep having to discuss their own existence. That we have to fight so hard for our right to live, not to be attacked or murdered. That this violence is simply accepted there is nothing more important than (surviving) life. The question of whether there is nothing more important is an attempt by right-wing and conservative politicians to distract from their own politics of injustice.”

In Slawik’s view, those politicians distract from the fact that “cis men, partners and family fathers represent the main danger for women (rooms) and not other women”. Far too many children are still exposed to sexualized and psychological violence – in their nuclear families, in school and sports contexts. According to Slawik, “right-wing politicians” also want to distract from this.

call for solidarity

And she goes on to write: “They distract from the fact that women and queer people are still subjected to massive violence and the perpetrators are almost exclusively cis men.”

And Slawik counts:

  • “Assassinations in Colorado Springs, Bratislava, Oslo.”
  • “Conservative laws that restrict the freedom of queer people and want to muzzle us.”
  • “Media that question whether we should exist through false-balance reporting.”

“Queer people die because they’re shot, beaten to death, or driven to suicide out of sheer desperation,” writes Slawik on Twitter. Society must oppose this hate and this patriarchal violence.

“Our response to this hate must be solidarity, cohesion, love!” Says the Greens politician.

America expert Annika Brockschmidt also commented on the assassination on Twitter. She indirectly reminded how dangerous right-wing politics and can be fake news. She wrote:

“The assassin who massacred queer club Q in Colorado Springs is the grandson of a (freshly voted out) Republican MAGA congressman who compared the attack on the Capitol to the American Revolutionary War.”

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