Attack on Christina: "It was not a group of crazy people, you have to investigate the financing"

“Today the opposition has a great opportunity to change its conduct and not be petty,” Moreau told reporters upon entering the Chamber of Deputies.

Today we are going to condemn an ​​assassination attempt. The assassination is condemned, it is not discussed,” added the pro-government deputy, for whom the attack suffered by the Vice President “requires absolute and unanimous repudiation, without seeking the cat’s fifth leg.”

The Chamber of Deputies will hold a special session today at noon to repudiate the attack suffered by Fernández de Kirchner and demand “a prompt investigation and conviction of those responsible”, in a plenary session in which the members of Together for Change (JxC) and others opposition spaces have not yet defined whether they will attend.

The decision to convene a special session requested by the Frente de Todos (FdT) was made official yesterday minutes after the cabinet meeting at Casa Rosada ended, in which the president of the Lower House, Cecilia Moreau, and Germán Martínez participated. .

The special session will be held at noon, after the meeting that the block presidents will hold in the Parliamentary Labor Commission, where the opposition groups will finish defining whether or not to attend the session venue.

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