Attack on Cristina Kirchner: what is the other key message that compromises Carrizo?

The leader of the “band of copitos” continues to be detained and his situation could be complicated by a series of messages that the experts found on his phone

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09/19/2022 – 8:32 p.m.

The detainee Gabriel Nicolás Carrizo, leader of the “band of copitos” and accused of participating in the attempted attack against the vice president, Cristina Kirchner, He could suffer more complications from this Monday in his judicial situation.

The experts in charge of analyzing his cell phone detected a series of messages that would compromise him even more and make it clear that the attempted attack on the former president was premeditated.

From the Justice they clarified that the conversation, which Carrizo maintains with a person booked as “Jony White”was detected on the detainee’s cell phone hours after Sabag Montiel tried to assassinate the former president.

What does the message that compromises Carrizo say?

Carrizo is the fourth arrested for the case that investigates the attempted murder of the vice president, Cristina Kirchner, which occurred on September 1 around 11:40 p.m. Fernando Sabag Montiel, the aggressor; Brenda Uliarte, his partner and a friend of the latter are others who remain detained by Justice.

Regarding the WhatsApp conversation found by Justice on Carrizo’s phone, draws attention to a series of texts that foresee attacks of the same nature, but against other targets. “We are thinking of killing the boss of La Cámpora this time” and “Everyone is coming. We are going to have a group meeting”, These are the messages sent by the leader of the “band of copitos” after learning of the failed attempt to attack Cristina Kirchner in Recoleta.

This message is added to others that reflect that Carrizo would have been the one lent the gun to Sabag Montiel to assassinate the former head of state and others who demonstrate that the detainees planned to form a group of up to “90 people” to achieve it.

Carrizo had an impact when he gave an interview with Sabag Montiel's girlfriend and said goodbye to the event.

Carrizo had an impact when he gave an interview with Sabag Montiel’s girlfriend and disassociated himself from the fact.

Carrizo was apprehended last Wednesday and became known on September 2 when accompanied Brenda “Ámbar” Uliarte, prosecuted for the attempted attack, during an interview they gave to Telefe’s television news program. At that time, he introduced himself as the owner of the machine for making the sugar flakes that they sold.

Attack on Cristina Kirchner: Carrizo assured that he was “joking”

Carrizo became known the day after the failed attack when he appeared with Brenda Uliarte and the alleged sellers of sugar flakes in an interview they gave together to the Telefé newscast, where they assured that they were receiving threats and that they had nothing to do with what happened.

This Friday, during his preliminary statement, tried to pass off those incriminating messages as a joke What did you do to someone in your family? “This is where I want to explain to get misunderstandings. I was screwing my stepsisterI am going to look like a gil, I was making him believe that he was part of this, it was not real, “he said before a question that Judge María Eugenia Capuchetti asked him.

“He wasn’t linked to Brenda or ‘Nando’ and Now I understand why I was in the dungeonfor that shit I said, I swear it was a lie. He sent it to me with doing that joda, I always fuck like this. I want to tell you that if I go to prison for a stupidity, it is that I shoot myself, I never thought that this would end up linking me, “he continued until he broke down in tears.

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