Attack on Cristina: the lawyer told Fantino all the details and pointed to the Police

Alejandro Fantino had no choice but to make a great silence before every truth of José Manuel Ubeira. It is that in the hegemonic media they are accustomed to the stories of armed causes such as that of Vialidad.

But in this case it is about the framework behind the assassination attempt on Cristina Kirchner, the most serious since the return of Democracy and against the most important political leader of the last half century.

“The case is just beginning. One part is the mechanics of the attack that there is no discussion about, but what is interesting is to see what is behind this”, Ubeira started and did not stop throwing clarity on the subject that various media prefer to hide.

“The days before the attack on the street, things happened that are inexplicable. We have to see what the activity of the Police of the City of Buenos Aires was in the previous days, “he warned at the height of the talk.

“The police of the City of Buenos Aires generated the truck with the rubble, the gaze and the fact that the cups are everywhere before the eyes of the Police,” he said and clarified that there is no suspicion regarding the presidential custody .

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