Attention children: Mickey Mouse has already been vaccinated against the bug

To date, like Mickey, more than 3 million 821 thousand people have received their booster dose in Chile.

This was announced by Minsal, according to data from the Department of Health Statistics and Information.

Thus, at least 91.78% of the population has been vaccinated with a first dose and 88.99% with a single dose and second dose.

Child vaccination

Regarding the vaccination of children and adolescents between 6 and 17 years old, which comprises a total of 3,044,845 people, 2,667,699 doses of vaccines have been administered per day in the country.

However, in the school segment, up to the age of 11, 697,139 vaccinations were administered.

Check below the childhood vaccination schedule:

It does not hurt

The famous Mickey mouse, according to the site, was inoculated in Buenos Aires, where he received his first dose of Sinopharm accompanied by Minnie.

The Disney character was scolded by the nurses for not attending with his mask on.

Check below some self-care measures delivered by the health authority. To take care!

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