Attention Colo Colo: Chile Cup Final is played in Talca

Colo Colo took a giant step to get into the final of the Chile Cup after beating Unión Española in the first leg of the tournament’s semifinals. The albos must confirm their wide advantage in the rematch that will be played on September 1 at the Santa Laura stadium.

And thinking about a virtual final, the ANFP confirmed a few moments ago the venue of the definition and it will be on a very special field for the albos: the Fiscal Stadium in Talca on September 4 at 4:30 p.m..

There eventually, the Cacique could face each other before Everton or Coquimbo Unido, a key where for now the routers arrive with a 2-1 advantage obtained in the Sausalito of Viña del Mar.

In addition, in this instance there will be a public by virtue of the advancement of the Step by Step Plan. Note that the Fiscal stadium of Talca can host 2,800 spectators in Phase 3 and 4 thousand in Phase 4.

The Fiscal Stadium in Talca was transformed into a significant venue for the Cacique. / PHOTO: Agencia Uno

The winner of the contest will ensure their presence in the next Copa Libertadores as Chile 4, so in Colo Colo these challenges are taken seriously. In this way, a tight calendar is coming in which he will also have to face his commitments for the 2021 National Championship.

It should be remembered that the albos are the last champion of the contest, after staying with the 2019 edition, where they defeated Universidad de Chile.

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