Aua appearance on TV – Wincent Weiss injured himself in the Sat.1 show

That knockout really hurt!

In the Sat.1 show “Catch! The German championship in catching” singer Wincent Weiss (28) fell unhappily on Friday evening. The musician sustained an ankle injury while sprinting through the course and received medical treatment on the spot.

For the first time, the action spectacle took place without its inventor, comedian Luke Mockridge (32). The four teams were led by prominent captains. In addition to Weiss, Cathy Hummels (33), Pietro Lombardi (29) and Pro7 presenter Christian Düren (31) were also at the start.

In the fight for entry into the final, there was a fall.

Wincent Weiss had previously appeared with his new single. The pop star’s team was behind on the show and had to go into a duel against Christian Düren’s third-placed team. It was up to each individual to escape their respective captor.

This time at the German Catching Championship (from left): Wincent Weiss, Cathy Hummels, Pietro Lombardi and Christian DürenPhoto: SAT.1/dpa

Wincent was first chased by Düren, but managed to escape. “Made strong!” praised commentator Jan Platte. There was hardly a breather for the singer. Immediately afterwards he got to deal with the next opponent. But after a few seconds he caught him. Jan Platte this time: “A very fast number.”

During the whole action, however, Wincent fell and could not get up on his own. The commentator’s long-distance diagnosis: “Left ankle.” In pain, the singer said: “Shit, that was stupid.” The injury was examined on the sidelines, and the ankle was wrapped in a thick bandage.

Meanwhile, the hate continued on the field. Double bad luck for Weiss: in the semi-finals his team had to admit defeat to the other team and was thrown out. The captain was now able to tell what had happened: “I twisted my ankle, just made the wrong move.”

But the shock seemed to have passed. Wincent bravely: “Let’s see how much it’s swollen. Then a diagnosis is made, and then it goes on.”

He definitely wants to be fit again by the time of the next show, the “European Catching Championships”. In contrast, Pietro Lombardi and his team made it to the final, competing against Christian Düren and his team.

Pietro’s declaration of war: “Team Lombardi becomes Team Bombardi! In the final we will explode!” A spell that worked. In the end, his team actually won the relay race. Pietro couldn’t stop himself from cheering, roared “We Are The Champions” into the microphone of moderator Andrea Kaiser (39). Even she hadn’t expected this outcome.

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