Audio: Podcast about “Drachenlord”: “Cui Bono” gets a new season

The successful podcast “Cui Bono: WTF happend to Ken Jebsen?” Is getting a second season. The topic is Rainer “Drachenlord” Winkler.

Last year the podcast “Cui Bono: WTF happened to Ken Jebsen?” Set new standards, the audio format occupied number 1 in the Apple and Spotify charts for weeks and is one of the most successful German storytelling podcasts. Studio Bummens and the editorial team around author Khesrau Behroz are now announcing a second season of the award-winning podcast.

“Dragon Lord” recently convicted

In the new season, “Cui Bono” investigates the case of Rainer Winkler, known as the “Dragon Lord”. The German Youtuber was sentenced in October to two years’ imprisonment without parole for dangerous bodily harm and other criminal offenses.

In this context, the podcast aims to look at societal issues such as the promise and change of the internet over the past decade, cyberbullying, the dark web and more.

The season is expected to start in summer 2022. Production has started.

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