Audit carried out by JAHV McGregor on Hidroituango has 33 findings

The councilor of Medellín, Paulina Aguinaga, announced that EPM allegedly had “shelved” an international audit report on Hidroituango.

The audit studies the project documents from the beginning of the project, more or less since 2009, which were the initial contracts of Hidroituango until December 31, 2019 and has a total of 33 findings, mainly on the initial diversion tunnels, the acceleration plan and ancillary diversion system, contractual matters, and administrative and financial matters.

This report It had been requested from the Medellín Council and was delivered by the firm Jahv Mcgregor on December 18, 2020, four days after the extension will be signed with the Hidroituango contractors, period in which Álvaro Guillermo Rendón was in the management of the company and who requested that the report be delivered personally to him in physical form

According to Aguinaga, although the request was made from the council, the letter never received a response and later it was learned that EPM had hired the audit:

“Dr. Álvaro Guillermo, I don’t know with what intention he did the same thing that he criticized so much. Remember also all the scandal that occurred in September of last year, when the report prepared by the insurers of the project by Mapfre was released, which supposedly had it saved and which it also did not have, had not been officially eradicated. So here it is very serious because It is already the second report in less than a year that EPM has shelved that have the vice of not being officially filed so as not to make it known to the public opinion “said the councilor

Among the main findings of this report is that EPM would have a responsibility by omission with the emergency, since the board of directors of the Board of international experts that accompanies it had recommended that it not make the acceleration plan for the diversion of the Cauca river proposed by Integral, the contractor that designed the project:

“The Board of Experts reviewed that report made by Integral and considers that the technical risks associated with acceleration are not acceptable for a project of this magnitude. Therefore, the Board recommends running the original design. In other words, EPM acted, contrary to everything it was told and to everything it was warned about “added Aguinaga

The report further details that allegedly there was an improper appropriation of public resources, since payments were made for “other services” for the sum of $ 38,206 million without proper regulation

Caracol Radio consulted the Medellín Comptroller’s Office who explained that they have the document two weeks ago. EPM had argued to the control body that since it was a document that was signed under reservation, they could not have access to it, however, The legal department of the Comptroller’s Office concluded that this clause does not apply to them and that is why this finding will now proceed with the review of the document to include it in the result of the investigation. that advances the control entity.

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