Audrey Lamy dredged up by Yves Calvi on RTL? She carries the journalist (VIDEO)

After receiving a nice compliment from Yves Calvi, Audrey Lamy hastens to tease the host with a humor of her own. And she does not miss her target!

This Thursday, October 14, Audrey Lamy and Jean-Paul Rouve were excited in the RTL studio. The two actors are showing at the Treasure of Little Nicolas which will be released in theaters on October 20, in which they play the parents of the famous little character of Sempé and Goscinny. To promote their new film, the two actors were full of energy at the microphone of Yves Calvi, especially Audrey Lamy. The one who became a mother for the second time not long ago has not lost her dynamism. The host of Indulge can attest to this!

“You are much too pretty”

What she is speed is incredible!“, already whispered the journalist after asking his first question to the one who plays the main role in Vengeance at the triple gallop. “Oh bah me it’s in the morning, I have been up since 4 hours, I am feeding bottles every 3 hours at the moment so I’m on the hook“, retorts the young mother. The tone is set, the show will therefore be under the sign of humor! A little later in the interview, while Audrey Lamy explains that she will play the authoritarian Bonemine in the next Asterix directed by Guillaume Canet, Yves Calvi will take the opportunity to pay a nice compliment to his guest: “You are much too pretty to be Bonemine, I tell you!“, he flatters her. Jean-Paul Rouve, surprised by this remark, puts his foot in the dish:”You know it’s called flirting!“, he launches.

“I feel there is an attraction”

Without hesitation, the 40-year-old actress enters the game of her sidekick who will soon play Gabriel Matzneff in the cinema: “You know that, for a while now, he’s been laughing, he’s looking at me with a sparkling eye, he’s falling in love with me this one!She jokes. Her onscreen partner adds another layer: “You don’t say super funny things though, so yeah, I feel there is an attraction”, he advances before Audrey Lamy nods. While the discussion is going well between the two actors, the one who is at the helm of the RTL morning show, amused by the situation, retorts them: “You know what ? It’s nice to have you both because you react to everything. For us interviewers, it makes us feel good!“, he concludes.

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