August 6: holiday will also apply to the private and public sector?

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On July 26, the official newspaper El Peruano made public the officialization of the Law 31530 who declares today August 6 as a national holiday. The regulation was approved in order to commemorate the Battle of Junin. In this way, public entities and institutions will be able to enjoy one more holiday in the 2022 calendar.

Many citizens have just become aware of this law, and therefore, doubts have arisen about whether it also applies to the private sector, as well as the salary payments that correspond by law to those who work on holidays.

Given this, we resolve these doubts in the following paragraphs.

East holiday August 6 It reaches both the public and private sectors, as explained by the labor lawyer Ricardo Herrera for the newspaper La República.

“Although it is true that article 1 of the law that declares August 6 as a holiday only refers to the public sector, Article 2 modifies the law of paid breaks, which is Legislative Decree 713, and in that modification includes this date as a holiday. In this way it is demonstrated that it is also a national holiday for the private sector”, pointed out the specialist for the aforementioned medium.

In this way, Workers in remote or face-to-face mode of private companies may also request their legal benefits from the entity to which they are subject. It is worth mentioning that the contracting company has the duty to pay a salary plus double this remuneration to its employees or negotiate a substitute break.

If you work on August 6 you will receive a double payment at the end of the month and this applies to the public and private sectors. Remember that the total payment of your salary includes all the holidays of the month, so the first payment of 6th August is already covered.

However, if you work on this date, take into account that you will receive a double payment as indicated by law.

For example, if the worker receives S/ 1,500 soles per month, he must divide it by 30 days and the result will be 50. That means that, per day worked, he receives S/ 50 soles.

So if he works 6th August, for that date you will receive an additional S / 100 soles, amount you will see at the end of the month.

FACT: It is not called a triple payment because the general payment is one that the worker already knows and the additional amount is only equivalent to two payments, according to ‘El Peruano’.

There is a national holiday and it is on August 30 and the day of Santa Rosa de Lima is celebrated. Only in the case of the public sector, August 29 is a non-working day, but compensable.

Now, according to article 6, in addition to the 6th August, Holidays are as follows:

– New Year (January 1)

– Holy Thursday and Good Friday (movable)

– Labor Day (May 1)

– Saint Peter and Saint Paul (June 29)

– National Holidays (July 28 and 29)

– Santa Rosa de Lima (August 30th)

– Battle of Angamos (October 8th)

– All Saints (November 1st)

– Conception (December 8)

Battle of Ayacucho (December 9)

– Lord’s Christmas (December 25th)


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