Australia: How to access discounts to study a master’s degree at an Australian university?

A new opportunity opens up for Peruvians who want to seek opportunities in Australia. The Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade) announced through the Australian Ambassador to Peru, Ms. Maree Ringland, the extension of the post-study visa, which may be between 3 to 6 more years after completing the studies that will be carried out in Australia and with a work permit.

Australia is a country whose development base is the use of science, technology and knowledge to search for comprehensive solutions. With this visa extension, graduates from Australian classrooms will have more opportunities to develop skills that will enrich their student and work experience in different areas such as mining, fishing, agriculture, among others.”, highlighted Ringland.

The ambassador hopes that this year the 1,500 Peruvian students who were studying pre-pandemic in Australia will be recovered. Likewise, she highlighted the Peruvians who are currently studying in Australia to fulfill their dreams.

Peruvian success stories

I feel a peace and happiness that I haven’t had for a long time because I consider that I am making an effort to fulfill my dreams. At the University there are many clubs where you can interact with other students. Also, they send us mail 2 or 3 times a week to apply for different jobs.”, comments Luis Omar Coaguila, a graduate of Mechanical Engineering from UNSA who is currently studying a Master of Predictive Analytics at Curtin University.

In order to achieve more success stories such as Luis Omar Coaguila, Austrade held an event that brought together former students and interested parties to learn about new experiences and obtain information on scholarships, credits and discounts to start studies in Australia.

Present at the event were Jorge López Palma, Business Manager of Austrade; Jorge Reyes, Coordinator in International Cooperation, PRONABEC; Maria Esther Sanchez Solis, BCP Educational Credit Representative; Giancarlo Ratto, Director of the Education Agency LAE – Education International and of course the Ambassador of Australia Maree Ringland.

How to access discounts to study a master’s degree at an Australian university?

Many of the Australian universities are part of the QS 400 Ranking and are considered the best in the world. That is why thinking about studying in Australia is an opportunity to expand an academic and professional portfolio. To access some of the discounts, credits and master’s degrees at an Australian university, the event provided 3 simple steps to contact the education agents that represent Australian universities:

  1. Sign in to to access scholarships or virtual talks at Australian universities
  2. If you are a BCP client, go to a branch and ask about discounts on tuition at 8 Australian universities.
  3. Apply for the scholarships that PRONABEC will offer in its next fairs.

After the reopening of borders at the beginning of this year, Australia invites Peruvians to learn about the great educational offer of more than 20 Australian universities”, stressed Ringland.


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