Author Linda Lê has died at the age of 59

French novelist Linda Lê died on Monday May 9 at the age of 59, following a long illness.

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She was the author of intimacy and exile. Linda Le, French of Vietnamese origin, born in 1963 in Vietnam, died Monday, May 9 at the age of 59, announced his publishing house Stock today. She had left her native land in 1977 at the age of 14 with her mother and sisters. The family then settled in Le Havre at first. Then Linda moved to Paris to study. This uprooting had nourished his literary work.

Linda Lê, a critically acclaimed author

Once in France, the young Linda Lepassionate about French authors including Victor Hugo, whom she had studied in Saigon, turned to literary studies. In 1986, after studying at the Sorbonne, and 9 years after his arrival in France, the artist published his first novel, Such a tender vampire. This novel, around a literary imposture, will be the first of a long series, many of which will be rewarded. This is particularly the case of Chronos who received the Wepler Prize in 2010 or To the child that I will never have who received the Renaudot prize the following year. In 2019, the Prince of Monaco Prize celebrated all of his work. Despite all these awards, Linda Le was a shadow writer who was particularly fond of discretion. However, she sometimes revealed herself in her writings as in Voice, a novel in which she evoked her depression and the psychiatric universe, she who had made a short stay in HP. She then wrote:Death, my death, seemed to me to be the only masterpiece I could achieve“.

Linda Lê, the voice of exiles

Through her novels, the author of Groundswell (halfway between news item and incestuous drama), gave a voice to all exiles and uprooted people. Among her favorite themes we find of course exile, nourished by her own experience and family history, but also mother-daughter relationships, adult lives marked by the wounds of childhood, absence, empty… With his delicate pen, imbued with restrained rage, Linda Le told of those haunted lives of ghosts and dramas of the past.

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